Do you like Rock'n'Roll Acrobatic?

Here are some pictures from the World Championship of Rock'n'Roll Acrobatic Formations in Hameln, Germany on November 15th 1997. If you look carefully you can find me on these pictures.

our first acrobatic figure (63k)
it is nice if your partner is light weight (83k)
it goes round and round and ... (82k)
fly high (71k)
that is easy (35k)
it's finished now (48k)
We didn't win the world championship, the winner was from Germany (73k)
the second place went to Italy (62k)
and the third place was taken by another formation from Germany (60k)

Take also a look at the ÖRRV Home Page and WRRC Home Page.

Last updated by Andreas Krall on February 12th, 1998.