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Talks 2005 - Bogong Su

The Compilers and Languages Group invites you to a talk given by

Prof. Dr. Bogong Su

William Paterson University of New Jersey, US on

Software De-Pipelining Technique And Its Applications

Date: Thursday, June 23th, 2005
Time: 16:00 (c.t.)
Location: TU Wien, Library, Institut f├╝r Computersprachen, Argentinierstra├če 8, 4th floor


Software pipelining is a loop optimization technique used to speed up loop execution. It is widely implemented in optimizing compilers for VLIW and superscalar processors that support instruction level parallelism. Software de-pipelining is the reverse of software pipelining; it restores the assembly code of a software-pipelined loop back to its semantically equivalent sequential form. Due to the non-sequential nature of the often optimized assembly code, it is very difficult to gain insight into the meaning of the code. Consequently, the task of de-pipelining the code of a software-pipelined loop is very complex and challenging. We developed a detailed de-pipelining algorithm with a formal description, proof, and a set of working examples. Experiments with loops taken from some practical DSP programs are conducted on popular VLIW digital signal processors to verify the algorithm. Some applications of software de-pipelining are studied.

About Professor Bogong Su:

Bogong Su was a professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing China. Now he is a professor at William Paterson University of New Jersey, US. His research fields are embedded processor architecture and optimizing compilers, software pipelining and instruction-level parallelism, de-compilation techniques and code conversion, system performance measurement and prediction.
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