Selected Publications

The Vienna Architecture Description Language

Appeared as pdf and with source at arXiv.

A pred-LL (*) Parsable Typed Higher-Order Macro System for Architecture Description Languages

Appeared at GPCE'23, slides and article.

Instruction Code Selection

Appeared in 2021 as chapter 19 in the book SSA-based Compiler Design.

Fast and Flexible Instruction Selection with Constraints

Appeared at CC'18, slides and article.

Vectorization in PyPy's Tracing Just-In-Time Compiler

Appeared at SCOPES'16, slides and article.

vanHelsing: A Fast Theorem Prover for Debuggable Compiler Verification

Appeared at SYNASC'15, slides and article.

PyPy's Number Crunching Optimization

Appeared at KPS'15, article.

CASM - Optimized Compilation of Abstract State Machines

Appeared at LCTES'14, slides and article.

Computation of Alias Sets from Shape Graphs for Comparison of Shape Analysis Precision

Appeared at Software, IET, Vol 8(3) 2014, article.

Integrated Modulo Scheduling and Cluster Assignment for TI TMS320C64x+ Architecture

Appeared at ODES'14, slides and article.

Correct Compilers for Correct Processors

Keynote at HIPEAC'14, slides.

DSP Instruction Set Simulation

Appeared at Handbook of Signal Processing Systems 2013, article.

IR-Level Versus Machine-Level If-Conversion for Predicated Architectures

Appeared at ODES'13, slides and article.

Optimal and Heuristic Global Code Motion for Minimal Spilling

Appeared at CC'13, slides and article.

CASM: Implementing an Abstract State Machine based Programming Language

Appeared at ATPS'13, article.

Using the CASM Language for Simulator Synthesis and Model Verification

Appeared at Rapido'13, article.

Software De-Pipelining for Nested Loops

Appeared at IJCSEE'13, article.

A Unified Processor Model for Compiler Verification and Simulation Using ASM

Appeared at ABVZ'12, article.

Using Semantic Relatedness and Locality for Requirements Elicitation Guidance

Appeared at SEKE'12, article.

Automatic generation of compiler backends

Appeared at SPE'12, article.

Modeling Application-Specific Processors for Embedded Systems

Appeared at Informatik'11, article.

Computation of Alias Sets from Shape Graphs for Comparison of Shape Analysis Precision

Appeared at SCAM'11, article.

Ontology-driven guidance for requirements elicitation

Appeared at ESWC'11, article.

DODT: Increasing Requirements Formalism using Domain Ontologies for Improved Embedded Systems Development

Appeared at DDECS'11, article.

DSP Instruction Set Simulation

Appeared at Handbook of Signal Processing Systems 2010, article.

Execution Models for Processors and Instructions

Appeared at Norchip'10, article.

Optimistic Integrated Instruction Scheduling and Register Allocation

Appeared at CPC'10, article.

Progressive Spill Code Placement

Appeared at CASES'09, article.

Stack Allocation of Objects in the Cacao Virtual Machine

Appeared at PPPJ'09, slides and article.

Fast and Accurate Simulation using the LLVM Compiler Framework

Appeared at RAPIDO'09, article.

Generalized Instruction Selection using SSA -Graphs

Appeared at LCTES'08, slides and article.

Leveraging Predicated Execution for Multimedia Processing

Appeared at ESRTM'07, article.

Compiler Generation from Structural Architecture Descriptions

Appeared at CASES'07, article.

Adaptive Inlining and On-Stack Replacement in the CACAO Virtual Machine

Appeared at PPPJ'07, slides and article.

Instruction Set Encoding Optimization for Code Size Reduction

Appeared at SAMOS'07, article.

Compiler optimizations for processors with SIMD instructions

Appeared at SPE'06, article.

Effective Compiler Generation by Architecture Description

Appeared at LCTES'06, abstract and article.

Superinstructions and Replication in the Cacao JVM Interpreter

Appeared at 4th International Conference in Central Europe on .NET Technologies 2006, abstract and article.

Static Verification of Global Heap References in Java Native Libraries

Appeared at SPACE'06, abstract and article.

Ultra Fast Cycle-Accurate Compiled Emulation of Inorder Pipelined Architectures

Appeared at SAMOS'05, article.

Control flow graph reconstruction for assembly language programs with delayed instructions

Appeared at SCAM'05, article.

xDSPcore: A Compiler-Based Configureable Digital Signal Processor

Appeared at IEEE Micro 2004, article.

FSEL - Selective Predicated Execution for a Configurable DSP Core

Appeared at ISVLSI'04, article.

DSPxPlore - Design Space Exploration Methodology for an Embedded DSP Core

Appeared at SAC'04, article.

Pointer Alignment Analysis for Processors with SIMD Instruction

Appeared at MSP'03, article.

VLIW Operation Refinement for Reducing Energy Consumption

Appeared at SOC'03, article.

Graph Coloring vs. Optimal Register Allocation for Optimizing Compilers

Appeared at JMLC'03, article.

Register Liveness Analysis for Optimizing Dynamic Binary Translation

Appeared at WCRE'02, abstract and article.

Supporting Design by Contract in Java

Appeared at TOOLS'02, revised version in JOT, abstract and article.

Vmgen - a generator of efficient virtual machine interpreters

Appeared at SPE'02, article.

Implementing an Efficient Java Interpreter

Appeared at HPCN'01, abstract and article.

Java for Large-Scale Scientific Computations?

Appeared at LSSC'01, abstract and article.

Compilation Techniques for Multimedia Processors

Presented at Dagstuhl Seminar Instruction-Level Parallelism and Parallelizing Compilation, abstract and article. Full version appeared in International Journal of Parallel Programming 28(4), pp. 347-361, 2000.

Minimizing cost of local variables access for DSP-processors

Appeared at LCTES'99, abstract and article.

Garbage Collection for Large Memory Java Applications

Appeared at HPCN'99, abstract and article.

Efficient JavaVM Just-in-Time Compilation

Appeared at PACT'98, abstract and article.

CACAO - Eine effiziente JavaVM Implementierung

Appeared at JAVA und Eingebettete Systeme '98, abstract and article.

Monitors and Exceptions: How to implement Java efficiently

Appeared at ACM 1998 Workshop on Java for High-Performance Network Computing, abstract and article. Full version appeared in Concurrency: Practice and Experience 10(8), 1998.

JavaVM Implementation: Compilers versus Hardware

Appeared at ACAC'98, abstract and article.

Efficient Type Inclusion Tests

Appeared at OOPSLA'97, abstract and article.

CACAO - A 64 bit JavaVM Just-in-Time Compiler

Appeared at PPoPP'97 Workshop on Java for Science and Engineering Computation, abstract and article. Full version appeared in Concurrency: Practice and Experience 9(11), 1997.

Near Optimal Hierarchical Encoding of Types

Appeared at ECOOP'97, abstract and article.

On Extending Java

Appeared at JMLC'97, abstract and article.

Removing Anti Dependences by Repairing

Appeared at CC'96, abstract and article.

Software Pipelining with Register Allocation and Spilling

Short version appeared at MICRO'95, abstract and article.

Software Pipelining with Reduced Register Requirement

Short version appeared at PACT'95, abstract and article.

Register Requirement for Exploiting Loops' Maximum Instruction-Level Parallelism

Short version appeared at ICYCS'95, abstract and article.

Incremental Global Compilation of Prolog with the Vienna Abstract Machine

Appeared at ICLP'95, abstract and article.

The VAMAai - an Abstract Machine for Incremental Global Dataflow Analysis of Prolog

Appeared at ICLP'95 Workshop on Abstract Interpretation, abstract and article.

Incremental Flow Analysis

Appeared at the WFLP'94, abstract and article.

Improving Semi-static Branch Prediction by Code Replication

Appeared at PLDI'94, abstract and article.

Dependence-Conscious Global Register Allocation

Appeared at PLSA'94, abstract and article.

Delayed Exceptions - Speculative Execution of Trapping Instructions

Appeared at CC'94, abstract and article.

Implementation Techniques for Prolog

Appeared at WLP'94, slides, abstract and article.

A Progress Report on Incremental Global Compilation of Prolog

Appeared at the ILPS'94 Workshop on Implementation Techniques for Logic Programming Languages, abstract and article.

High level constraints over finite domains

Appeared at CSAM'93, article.

Instruction Scheduling for Complex Pipelines

Appeared at CC'92, abstract and article.

Optimal instruction scheduling using constraint logic programming

Appeared at PLILP'91, article.

The Vienna Abstract Machine

Appeared at PLILP'90, abstract and article.
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